Coming Soon

Come back and visit us again soon.  We are currently preparing to publish postings about the following topics and think you will be as excited about them as we are:

– Are you interested in commissioned portrait photography of children?  We certainly are!  Learn more about an artist living and working in Toronto who started her artist career at a very young age.  (See:  You Are What You Love )

– We found a special gift shop in Vancouver that raises money for a worthy cause. You will want to keep this address in your address book. (See Bookmark book’mark The Library Store )

–  We received a beautiful, handmade gift in the mail and decided to investigate its origins.  You just might have encountered this store without venturing inside.  We think you will want to check it out not only for the beautiful items inside, but because the store supports an important sector of our community.

– Can you ever own enough books?  We’re excited to be promoting Barefoot Books on the BC Family website.  We want to tell you more about our new venture.

– Do you love world music for children?  We certainly do and there’s been a lot of wiggling going on here at BC Family as we explore various artists and CDs.  We want to share our findings with you.

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