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If a reality TV show about cupcakes – make that two shows – seems odd to you, you may not have noticed that cupcakes are all the rage these days. Cupcake Girls and DC Cupcakes are two shows on television right now that chronicle the lives of cupcake store owners and their employees. Here in Vancouver cupcakes have become increasingly popular since Heather White and Lori Joyce opened their first Cupcakes store on Denman street in 2002. At the time they were the first branded cupcake store in North America that just sold cupcakes. Now there are about 100 cupcake themed stores.

The sugar coated, candy inspired colours, cute array of cupcakes and retro styling in the Cupcakes stores appeal to the child in all of us. For adults on a diet, who can resist a little cupcake every now and then?

This summer when the sun was out, the beach beckoned and people were crowding the streets of English Bay looking for fun and adventure,it was the perfect opportunity to visit the newly franchised Cupcakes store on Denman – the original store – one block up from the beach on the east side of the street.  Now that it’s September, and there’s a touch of autumn in the air, on a sunny day English Bay still makes for a pleasant outing.  While you’re at it, why not buy a cupcake in support of a great organization?  In July Cupcakes supported the BC Children’s Hospital.  Every month they support a different charity.

In July the Cupcakes stores featured their orange sherbert inspired “Sunny” cupcake. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these cupcakes was donated to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

If your visit to Cupcakes inspires you further, check out the following cupcake resources for more ways to enjoy cupcakes throughout the year.

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  1. I recently visited Canada all the way from South Africa. I am a big shopper, but from all the stores I went into, your store in Vancouver was the most memorable.
    Well done!

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