Relaxing at Crescent Beach

An afternoon at Crescent Beach near White Rock is a relaxing way to visit a beach that has a different vibe compared to popular Vancouver beaches. Unlike the busier section of the coast located farther south in White Rock, Crescent Beach is a low-key, lush setting featuring pleasant walking trails and picturesque homes. This area of South Surrey originally featured small homes that were used as summer cottages.  Many of these homes can still be seen as you walk along the waterfront.

While the area can be busy on the weekends, the good news is that the parking is free. You can park on a side street (be careful to read signs closely) or head up to the Blackie Spit area at the north end where there are paved and unpaved parking lots. At this location you can also find washrooms, rinsing off facilities and spacious green areas for picnics.  Visitors bring their sun tents, portable tables and chairs or use one of the picnic tables on the site.

It took three hours for a family visiting the beach to build this sand castle.

There is a swimming area at the north end of the beach which is ideal for quiet times with the family or a session of sand castle building. The beach features beautiful rocks and even some shells, so you might want to go beach combing.

When the tide is out you can check out the tidal pools or – if the wind is up – fly a kite.  If you are looking at marine life in tidal pools remember that it is best to look but not pick up what you find in the pools. Some marine life is negatively impacted by being picked up and relocated to a different spot.

Kite flying is an old fashioned past time that people of all ages enjoy.  Keep one in
the car as
you never know when the opportunity to fly one will come up.

In the core part of Crescent Beach you can find a few places to eat or order coffee and a gelato. The pier at the north end features beautiful sunsets since the beach faces west. You can also find pier jumpers here and watch boats sailing in and out of the area.

If you like to take photos of sunsets, this
is the place to be on a clear or partially cloudy day.

If you are looking for a quiet beach where you can relax, unaware that hours are passing, add Crescent Beach to your to-do list.  Put your phone on vibrate, take out a good book or bring some buckets to get busy digging a sand castle with children.

Years of summer children running barefoot free on the dusty roads
’till dusk and the horn of the night train calls them home.

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3 thoughts on “Relaxing at Crescent Beach

  1. It looks like a lovely place to spend a day, I’ll have to add it to my list of places to visit when it’s sunny out.

  2. Can you please tell me where the “years of summer children running barefoot…” Is from? Who is the author? Thank you.

  3. Hi, Reesa, Thank you for your message. It seems that there are 33 memory stones in South Surrey around the Crescent beach area. Here is more information about the project and the artist who was involved. It sounds like this quote might be directly related to a memory of someone the artists interviewed as the reference to the train could be describing the Crescent Beach area. I hope this information helps.

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