Culinary Capers: Mediterranean Diet

A trip to Greece provides the perfect opportunity to analyze the famous Mediterranean diet in situ  while eating fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  It is a pleasure to see communities cooking meals without “big box” Superstore grocery stores nearby.

On islands such as Naxos you will come across small local stores with dried herbs available for sale in baskets.  What a refreshing change from the bottled presentation in your local Safeway! In many ways this Greek food tradition is similar to the marketplace spice sellers you find in countries such as Barbados.

In contrast to the food traditions of Greece, a visit to a suburban, North American grocery store yields an array of tightly shrink wrapped and bottled up items in amongst vegetables and fruits imported from far flung corners of the world.  When you consider the alternatives, such as those seen in small communities in Greece, you just might feel a renewed sense of urgency to investigate the slow foods movement and local food production options.

If farmers markets, the slow food movement and other urban farming concepts are new to you, watch out for articles and stories on these topics while reading your local newspapers and magazines, reading local internet sites, or watching local TV shows.  Through the avenue of food, you and your family can find exciting new ways to connect with your local community.  Just think – you don’t have to go all the way to Greece to eat a healthy, Mediterranean style diet.

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If you haven’t opened a Culinaria book yet, you are missing out.  This series presents a combination of information about the local culture in each region, and focusses on the food and wine available.  The concept is a wonderful combination of a cookbook and a travel guide.  If you like Greek cuisine check out Culinaria Greece .


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If you like Asian cuisine, you might want to check out the Mediterrasian diet.

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