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Since becoming a parent I have a renewed appreciation for news reports regarding recalls.  The list seems to be endless and every other week we hear about another recall of a fairly well known product used by parents.

It first started with the dropside cribs.  Last summer I purchased two cribs for my soon-to-arrive baby twins. I asked a Babies R Us store clerk why there were very few dropside cribs on the floor.  I was advised to get one as they are easier on the back.  The clerk told me that they must be going out of fashion. In fact the stores’ management had known for some months that there was a problem and that a recall was probably in the works.  Suddenly these cribs were on sale and inventory was being cleared out.  Yet the managers of the stores will tell you in heartfelt detail that they were not aware of the dangers until the recall was announced.  I can only speak about my experience and the “sales job” I received that summer.  Needless to say I was furious when the recall came out and picked up my repair kit immediately.

Since then I have heard safety recalls related to Heinz baby food, Maclarens umbrella strollers, Toyota cars, Melissa and Doug toys and now baby slings.

The unnerving part about these recalls is that they involve well known and popular products used by families. Additionally the recalls are the result of multiple deaths.  People will say “oh what are the chances that your child will die?”  The tragic reality is that there are parents whose children have died from these defects.

It is hard to know if these defects could have been preventable, but it does seem that knowledge of the problem exists for awhile before the recalls take place.  Except perhaps for food recalls, in the case of products it appears that a few children have to die before they will implement a recall.

Recalls.   As a parent the word sends a shiver up my spine.

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  1. Not Melissa & Doug toys? I love those ones. I guess I better google it, thanks for posting this.


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