Daily Dish: Culinary Capers

Culinary Capers.

That is the name of a new feature on BCfamily.ca.  I’m excited about this new direction because so much of our lives revolve around food.  What should we eat? What should we cook?  What is healthy for us?  How can we celebrate an event?  With food of course!

When children enter our lives (as our own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or little friends) we want to provide them with the best culinary experiences and foundations in the world of food and nutrition.

Do you have any information about food that you would like to share?  Have you been reading about nutrition advice for families?  Do you have favourite recipes that your family loves?  We would love to hear about your news.  Send us your piece to bcfamily [at] bcfamily.ca .  We will publish your contribution in its entirety under your name.  If you have your own website that you would like to promote, please provide us with the information at the bottom of  your piece along with a few lines describing yourself and your interests.

So join us as we investigate the world of food both locally and globally.  We will have an index page for our pieces so that you can always find out what we’ve been chewing on….  Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

The Daily Dish is a space where I can document life in Vancouver as a mother, educator and every day citizen. There certainly is much to talk about in this vibrant urban centre, so you’re invited to return for the daily dish on what’s what in this BC family.

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Pamela Chan/Editor, BCfamily.ca

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