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One of the major revelations I have had during the first year of motherhood was to discover just how many programmes and courses there are for babies.  At community centers and local classes babies can exercise with their mums, go to play groups, gym classes, library time, music classes, swimming programmes, lunch dates, nutrition talks, picnics and coffee dates, to name a few activities.  When you are a mum with twins you think twice (excuse the pun) before attending any of these events. Once your babies start crawling it can be difficult to take part in programmes where one baby is crawling one way while the other is going in the opposite direction.  As a result I have basically given up on all of these events and do as much as I can at home.

Everytime I see a mum with twins I think “Gosh how does she manage?”  It’s a silly thought really because for goodness sake I AM a mum with twins.  Don’t I know how I do it?  Still I can’t help but wonder how mums with twins a bit older are managing.  Like everything in life I just have to take it one step at a time – one challenge at a time.  This means I also have to take it one day and one event at a time.  Some events I can’t attend – like a BBQ 1 1/2 hours transit ride away.  Whereas a dinner that is within walking distance locally or via the Canada Line train is much more doable.

Hopefully the people who know me will understand and will also be able to accommodate my situation for awhile.

This week I decided that I had to figure out a way to attend the children’s programmes at my local public library.  They are just too good to pass up.  So I decided to take my umbrella stroller and hook it on the back of the double stroller.  I walked for 20 minutes to the library, set up the umbrella stroller, put the twin mostly likely to accept being in the stroller in it and wheeled her into the room. She sat next to me while I held her sibling.  The children enjoyed hearing the Raffi-esque library staff member sing songs and play his guitar.  It was a great experience and is – it should be pointed out – one of those rare public events for children that is actually free!

Considering all the baby programmes we cannot attend, it felt like a major coup to be able to pull off a visit to the library.


Library Mouse:  A World to Explore

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