Daily Dish: Enjoying autumn moments

The weather in Vancouver has been sunny lately and I was so happy to be able to go on a bike ride, with my husband, for the first time in two years. With a pregnancy that involved four months of bed rest, and the first year of motherhood with twins, bike riding hasn’t been in the picture. While the children were sleeping, having lunch and being cared for, my husband and I took off for a bike ride around Stanley Park. As you come around under the Lions Gate Bridge toward third beach, the view of the open water is glorious. This is where I stopped and took the following video. When your baby or babies reach the one year mark, you just might find yourself coming out a bit of a sleep deprivation, “we’ve been coping and figuring things out” fog. It’s the perfect time to say to yourselves “how are we connecting as a couple? What are we doing on our own?”. If you’ve fallen into certain habits, now is the perfect time to reconnect and think about taking up opportunities for babysitting, or finding some kind of care giver options in the evenings. This bike riding opportunity came up, for example, because my husband took a day off work. A bike ride with your husband or partner is the perfect option for a “time out on our own together” kind of date.  You’re not sitting passively side by side in a restaurant.  You’re “partipacting” (as the TV ads suggest) – getting active and having fun together.

If you are up for a bike ride, but don’t have a bike that you can get downtown, don’t worry. You can take the new Canada Line to the Yaletown station. At the base of Davie street, on the west side, there is a bike shop where you can rent bikes. Head west and keep riding. Before you know it you will be in Stanley Park. If you’ve never ridden in Stanley Par,k there is one major rule that you need to know. As you pass English Bay, the Sylvia Hotel and the lawn bowling club and continue along your way, you will come to a large open area with a large playground on the right. The path dips down and you will see that it comes to a fork. You can head left towards the large, outdoor pool or right under the tunnel. Head right. Go under the tunnel, ride forward, go under another tunnel (which goes under Georgia Street) and head towards the boat house. You need to do this because the bike traffic only goes in one direction.

Early autumn is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunny days – when they come along. I wish you and your significant other all the best, wherever you are, as you enjoy these special autumn moments together.

Daily Dish Archives Pamela Chan/Publisher, BCfamily.ca

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