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Recently I rediscovered Iman’s weblog. (As in David Bowie’s wife, if you don’t follow the fashion world).  It’s a fun space where you can get a glimpse of a truly jet set lifestyle. I love how she uses words like “girl” and “honey” when she speaks and writes.  In her blog she mentions a fitness routine she has started in New York by fitness instructor Patricia Moreno.  Since I have no hope of attending such a class I thought I would see what videos Patricia has produced.  This is when I came across her Kick Box: Cross Train video.  “That sounds like fun”, I thought.  After viewing the video summary my first thought is “uh, how can I execute those moves?”.  I can just imagine myself in front of the screen trying to figure out which limb goes where.

This reminds me of my first year as a student in a Japanese  university when TV personality and dancer Carrie Ann Inaba was a fellow student and working in the Tokyo entertainment industry.  She agreed to teach a dance routine to students in our newly minted dance club.  We were taught a routine to go along with the song “I’m Your Venus”.  I have a distinct memory of Carrie Ann standing next to me in practice and squashing a sigh as I struggled to perfect a basic move – bend one knee, drop hip and then do the same on the other side.  How pathetic.  I know.  My mind body connection is clearly not what it should be.

When you are in your first year post twin pregnancy it’s important to ramp up the exercise.  Unfortunately I find gyms to be most boring. I’d rather go for a walk or get on a bike if I can.  Trying a sport like fencing or rowing is even better.  With two young babies on  hand, however, even going for a bike ride has to wait for awhile.  So it’s back to the idea of finding an appealing fitness video.  (I own a few pilates ones already.  The instructors always go too fast!)  Sigh. Maybe kick boxing could be the charm.  I won’t know until I try!

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