Daily Dish: Meet Molly and Ming the Twin Moose

While withdrawing money at my local CIBC on Homer street I noticed that the bank was selling stuffed moose as a fundraiser for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.  My gift of choice for Canadian children living overseas has traditionally been a stuffed toy moose. In fact, now that I have children of my own I have decided that a stuffed moose is the “must have” item for every Canadian child.  I know this is contrary to the cliches they tried to bust in the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.  What can I say?  I love the moose! They are so beautiful –  so elegant.  With this thought in mind it was an easy decision to buy two moose as gifts.  Even before the transaction was finished I decided they should be called Molly and Ming.

Seriously, though, at $15 each it was an easy way to support an important  foundation.  If your own children were not born at Women’s and Children’s Hospital or do not go there for visits, it is likely that a child close to you does.  The work that the BC Children’s Hospital does is critical not only for Vancouver but for the province.  My own children visit the hospital for specialist appointments and I am very thankful for the work that they do. So it was with a skip in my step that I brought my moose home.  A win-win situation all round.

If you fancy a moose for your own child or a child you know, head on over to a CIBC branch before they are all gone. You do not have to be a client to make a purchase.

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