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I subscribe to a number of family and “mum” focused websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages. Some are based in Vancouver, one comes out of Toronto and another seems to be connected somehow to the network that publishes the Ellen Degeneres show. Some of these sites are prolific publishers. One that I’m thinking about seems to publish dozens of news feeds and articles a day. They must have a large staff of people churning out content. To be honest it’s almost too much. It’s an overwhelming amount of tidbits and news to come into my Twitter homepage.  Another promotes themselves as THE go to place for mums on the go, blackberry and the latest diaper bag in hand.  I want to like this site but the degree to which they push products makes me feel uncomfortable. I realize this is how they fund their existence online, but without the disposable income to buy into all their recommendations, the content they share seems a little irrelevant to my life.  Honestly this is how I feel.  I’m not being randomly catty here.

In the case of BCfamily.ca there are many ongoing projects and projects on the burner; however, without the people power to polish the content and move it on out, the process related to publishing right now is slow but steady. With two nine month old twins scooting about their schedule takes priority and everything else happens when it happens.

…and that’s just the way it is for now.

Slowly but surely the new content will be put forth and the vision here will develop. I like to think that this site has its own unique feel compared to the bigger fish in the parenting/family/”mum” site milieu that exists and I hope you will agree with this assessment.

The Daily Dish is a space where I can document life in Vancouver as a mother, educator and every day citizen. There certainly is much to talk about in this vibrant urban centre, so you’re invited to return for the daily dish on what’s what in this BC family.

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Pamela Chan/Editor, BCfamily.ca

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