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Now that Vancouver has a new Skytrain linking Richmond to downtown Vancouver,  it is easy to hop on and off the train while exploring different neighbourhoods. If you are heading uptown, or downtown, you will want to stop off at the Olympic Village train stop so that you can take in the offerings at Elliz Cafe. The Cafe is close to the new big box stores in the area (Save On Foods, Home Hardward, Winners, Home Sense and Best Buy) and is near the appealing new Whole Foods just south west of the cafe and across the road.

Cafe Elliz is under new ownership as it was recently purchased by a retired chef who worked for 14 years at the Hyatt Regency hotel. The menu includes all day breakfast items such as egg benedict, omelettes, French toast, pancakes and bagels, to name a few of the items.  The soups at Elliz are all homemade and should not be missed. For sandwiches there is a fresh sandwich bar and paninis. The chicken pineapple panini appears to be a favourite with the clients and can be paired with a soup for a $6.99 daily soup and panini special. The hot entree menu includes two types of lasagna (meat and vegetarian) and shepherd’s pie. Fresh salads and pastas are also available. Caffeine lovers can try their Milano coffee or their Bayswater tea. I tried their suitably complex and flavourful frittata and indulged myself by tasting one of their enticing desserts.

Here is what we like about Elliz the most. The service is very friendly and genuine. Chef Willy is often at the front talking with the customers.  Single clients can read a book in peace or use the free wireless service for their laptop.  For parents with strollers there is plenty of space inside and outside on the patio. The washroom even has a nice change table and can accommodate a double stroller. For the multitude of mums who meet up with friends in Yaletown, the quick walk over the bridge to Elliz Cafe is worth the effort.

Did we mention that the prices are extremely fair? A frittata made with 3 eggs and home potatoes, cheese, zucchini, tomato, basil and onion will set you back $4.50. Compared to what you will get at other chain cafes, this fact alone makes Elliz Cafe a star find.

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