Let’s Talk: Dreaming Big

Have you been hearing and reading a lot about “settling”? The conversation goes like this:

During this time of economic hardships you should be happy for …… because a lot of people don’t have…… So even though you are not happy with ……, just count yourself lucky. Buckle down and stick it out because these are difficult times. Don’t take any risks right now. Especially in relation to ….. or you could suffer the consequences of living large and taking risks during these times of constraint.

If this script doesn’t sound familiar, how about trading in your dream for a different model.?

Why don’t you try…  There’s a great demand for it and people are making lots of money.  Yes it’s not what you’ve done in the past but you could handle it.

Wow –  talk about a “downer”. You could start to panic a little and think “are we going into another Great Depression? I know there are people losing their homes and jobs but does this mean that I can’t try a new job or venture anymore? Are we all supposed to keep our nose to the grindstone? For how long?”

Is it only acceptable to dream and “think big” when the economy is going gang busters?

Is it ever OK to say “put your dreams on hold for now”?

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