Float Your Boat – The Drifters Project

This past weekend local Vancouver art blogger Jeff Hamada and the Vancouver Sun organized a project called Little Drifters.  Participants were invited to make small, simple boats out of driftwood and natural materials.  Dozens of attendees made boats and then floated them on Trout Lake.  This interactive online art project is brilliant for its simple concept and wide appeal.

Here are the instructions Hamada put out, photos from the local event, and photos of submissions in locations around the world. Photos may also be seen on the Vancouver Sun website

If you were not able to take part in the event, don’t feel too disappointed.  The sun is out these days and it’s the perfect time to head off to your local pond, lake, inlet, ocean, river or creek and set your own boat afloat.


The Booooooom.com website (Hint – that’s seven Os.  As in O in the word oligopoly.)

Sail Away, Little Boat (Children’s book)

Pia Jane Bijkerk (Amsterdam) wrote about the project

A small driftwood boat in Greece

Lenny Meriel’s driftwood boats  (Similar projects may be found on his charming website.)

The making of a driftwood sailboat on the The Stories of A to Z website

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