Free Spirits and Artistic Expression

By Pamela Chan

She’s the poster girl for free spirits everywhere.  Speaking about the meaning of her songs, Icelandic singer Bjork has this to say:

“You’ve got happy, sad, angry, confused, and then all the 50,000 other colours that a human feels. And if one song is just about turquoise blue – that can mean a lot of things; that [can mean the way] you feel about apples, and your brother, and your wooden bed from your childhood. And you would sing about that in one song, and people might say, ‘Oh, it’s about her boyfriend.’ But that’s OK. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I capture that turquoise-blue thing. If I do my job right. I guess I look at it more like that. As kind of … abstract”. (Bjork, interviewed by Emma Brockes, the Guardian Weekly, Feb. 13, 2006)

Bjork has visited Bandah Acheh, Indonesia and likes to think that it is as “a mother from Iceland” and, more generally, “a human being” that she has the most to offer. ( website)

To consider:

* Does your child have the opportunity to experience the artistic output of  progressive artists like Bjork who live in the community?

* Does your child’s life experience provide opportunities to engage in cutting-edge artistic engagement?

* How do you support your child’s unique artistic vision?

* Do you discuss and reveal your passion for the Arts with your child?

* Do you make space in your life for the Arts?

To do:

* Source out community events featuring challenging performances and art exhibitions

* Watch for opportunities to support visiting artists – some of whom will be world renowned. (Musicians, art exhibitions, and dance presentations, for example.)

* Take the time to watch documentaries and performances by artists featured on television

* Attend graduation shows at art institutions such as Emily Carr University

* Take part in open artist studio events such as the Eastside Culture Crawl. (There is a similar event on the Westside of Vancouver.)

Image source: the Bjork photo album

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