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If you were given the opportunity to spend a glamorous evening being pampered would you say “maybe later”?  Recently I was invited to attend a Glam Night event at Salon Gloss in Coquitlam.  (If the idea of going outside Vancouver proper is a turn-off, consider that it is a convenient jaunt down Lougheed highway just before Coquitlam Centre. You’ll be there before you know it.) I’ll admit that I had heard about the opportunity previously and thought, at the time, that it would be a nice event to attend at a later day.  In all likelihood that later date might never have happened if the invite hadn’t arrived. It can be so easy to put something off when it’s about yourself.

Glam Night at Salon Gloss started out as an opportunity for women’s networks to meet up for an evening of fun, networking and glamour.  The staff at Salon Gloss, photographer Anita Alberto and independent make-up consultants with Mary Kay brought together the people they know to enjoy an evening of appetizers, a makeup session, hair styling and professional photography.  The evenings have become an opportunity for women in the Lower Mainland to spend some time pampering themselves and enjoying a personal re-boot.

As soon as I arrived for the Glam Night, I was welcomed by Viviana who was the hostess for the evening.   Viviana explained how the event would progress and invited me to sign up for the door prize draw (worth $250) and to enjoy the appetizers. I also met two glamorous women – approximately 20 years older than me – who had finished attending the event.  Their make-up and hair styling looked elegant.  They had clearly enjoyed the evening and shared friendly comments as they left the salon.

My first stop was a sitting with a Haydee Skeet, who is an independent Sales Director with Mary Kay. She has worked with the company for many years and is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their product line.  As is the case with the major direct sales companies, Mary Kay provides an integrated product line, backed by high quality research and production methods, that is available at a competitive price.  Their blush and eye shadow products are mineral based, have a deep pigment (a little goes a long way) and last for hours. If you have the chance to sit down with a consultant, it is a good opportunity to try a somewhat different colour scheme or look, or ask about products they have that can be helpful for specific issues.  The two other consultants who were there included Jennifer Levers (Senior Sales Director) and Miranda Motion.

Following my makeup styling I sat down with Salon Gloss stylist Dani.  (Tip: I washed my hair just before going and didn’t put any product in it.) While Dani styled my hair she introduced me to some of the interesting products that are available at the salon.  The KMS Free Shape Hot Flex spray is heat activated and works perfectly with a curling iron. My favourite discovery was the Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It product. It is perfect for fine hair that could use some lift without being traumatized by hair styling devices. You apply a small amount of Dust It to your fingers and gently rub it in concentrated areas on your scalp and presto – instant lift and volume.

All portrait photos shown above are by Anita Alberto Photography
(except for the photo on the top right, which is a self-portrait.)

My evening concluded with a mini photo shoot outside.  Anita Alberto gave me advice about how to pose as she shot many photos from different angles. A week later digital copies of the photos arrived in my E-mail inbox. It is a good idea to try out different outfits before going to the Glam Night. You might look great in an outfit that doesn’t photograph well. Take snapshots with your camera and see if your piece works in terms of the fit, outline and colour against your complexion.  Will the top you chose work for a professional photo on LinkedIn?  Will it look too serious for a casual social media profile page? When you look at the competitive rate charged for the Glam Night (see comment section below), compare this amount to what it would cost for separate make-up, hair styling and professional photography sessions.

Glam Nights are a perfect opportunity for you to get together with a sibling, mother, family member, niece, daughter, friend, colleague or to attend by yourself.  It’s also not just for women.  Men have taken part too.  For more information about an upcoming Glam Night, contact Salon Gloss for more details.  If you are looking for a salon that provides high quality hair and skincare services at competitive prices, you might want to check them out for those services too. You can easily reach the salon by car, West Coast Express train or bus and a combination of Sky Train and/or bus to Coquitlam Centre.  If you haven’t been to Coquitlam Centre, it has attractive wood finishing inside and a number of stores that you won’t find anywhere else.  There are also a number of restaurants in the region.

Isn’t it time to step outside your busy 9 to 5, 24/7 schedule and do something for yourself? Even if you have little ones at home and you usually direct the evening routine, take a break, step away for a few hours, while your husband looks after dinner and PJs, and enjoy an evening that’s all about you.

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  1. The next Glam Night at Salon Gloss Hair Design & Skin Care will be September 17th, 2012. Call the Salon Gloss at 604-461-5055 for more information. The current rate is $65 (which is subject to change in the future).

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