Harumika Dolls

Oh me, oh me oh my.  We know what you’re thinking. “Why didn’t they have Harumika dolls when I was a child?”

Don’t despair. If you buy a set for your little one, you can always play along. These Japanese dolls for girls over the age of six resemble fashion mannequins.  With assistance we suspect the under six crowd (think age four or five) could use the dolls as well.  Swaths of cloth are secured behind the doll using a stylus that pushes the fabric into a slit.

A variety of accessories help the child to create an almost endless array of designs.  As a result, this is a toy that challenges a child’s imagination and can promote individual play or interaction with others.  The Harumika website also has a Look Book where children can upload photos of their favourite designs, share designs with friends or create a virtual runway fashion show.

Be sure to visit their main website  Harumikadolls.com and check out the various Harumika dolls videos on You Tube.

For those rainy Vancouver Saturday afternoons when you’re so bogged in even the best raincoat won’t help, a Harumika doll session just might do the trick.

Harumika Super Style Flower Accents

Harumika Super Style Accents – Super Star

4 thoughts on “Harumika Dolls

  1. hi, could you please tell me where i could purchase a harumika doll for my niece in vancouver?
    thank you,

  2. Thank you for writing. The dolls used to be available at Toys R Us Canada but they are not appearing in their catalogue right now. I will check around and see if any of the local stores carry them. Pamela/Vancouver

  3. Hi, we live in Canada and just purchased a few sets from the Toys R Us in the USA when we were vacationing for our 7 year old and she LOVES to play with it by herself and with her friends. Apparently Winners occasionally has these in their stores, but the TRU in the USA does for sure (and on their website too)

  4. Thank you for sharing this information. The Harumika Dolls do look wonderful. Wish they were more widely available. I wrote every local toy store I could think of to ask if they carried the product. Very few replied. No one replied in the affirmative. I suppose the best way to get them is online.

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