Jack Johnson at Deer Lake

I want to turn the whole thing upside down
I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found
I’ll share this love I find with everyone
We’ll sing and dance to Mother Nature’s songs
This world keeps spinning and there’s no time to waste
Well it all keeps spinning spinning round and round and
upside down.
(Upside Down lyrics, Jack Johnson)

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca/Editorial

A few weeks back my children took out a CD from the library featuring Jack Johnson’ songs from the Curious George movie.  We haven’t seen the movie but we enjoy the books and have seen the cartoon shows.  Jack’s voice and composition has a wonderful early 70s, chilled, folksy vibe that makes you feel like you are tripping along in the sunshine on a beautiful summer day.  I’m not a music critic so I’m afraid that’s my best attempt at describing how lovely his music is.

When I read that he is coming to Burnaby this summer for a concert on August 21st, 2014, my heart skipped a beat.  Not only will it be a concert in the Lower Mainland but it will be an outdoor concert at gorgeous Deer Lake!  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect event?  If you like his music, why not organize an outing with your friends and family?  It would be a perfect event for young and older alike.

This isn’t a sponsored post by the way 😉

What I’m wondering is  – would it be possible to have a children’s rate for this type of outdoor event?  My preschoolers don’t take up much space. For our family, four tickets at $65.50 after tax is just not going to happen.  (This appears to be the after tax price, as per the TicketMaster.ca site information.) Sigh.  I recognize that $49.50 before tax is cheaper for a concert ticket these days; it costs money to tour and to run the Deer Lake site; however, isn’t it a fairly large site?

For now, I want to share the information and encourage you to get your tickets while they’re still available if you want to go.  Posted below is a video from his latest album From Here to Now to You.


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Links for the concert listing

Jack’s special guest will be the talented Michael Kiwanuka!

Jack’s website

One thought on “Jack Johnson at Deer Lake

  1. I discovered Jack Johnson years ago after the first Curious George movie came out. I loved his music so much, I bought the cd. Love his music.



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