Lean 30: 18 – They’re Just Not That Into You

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Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca/Editorial

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After almost ten years using Facebook, I feel lucky to have not experienced too many problems. But I can relate to stories about things going sideways – at least partially due to the use of social media.   I’ve come to realize that there are many reasons why someone won’t look friends/relatives up when they are in town.   There are reasons why an invitation to “stop by and visit if you’re in the area” are ignored.

There are also many reasons why someone would reach for the “unfriend” button.

In this story about how e-mail and social media were factors in the death of a friendship, the reasons were complicated. Beyond all of the reasonable explanations there is also the raw facts of the matter. Sometimes those relatives/friends just aren’t into you… that much… anymore. Sometimes they never were and social media shines a light on the truth. From what I’ve observed, this is often the case.

If in some way social media is filtering people out of our lives who don’t want to be there, in the end shouldn’t we be thankful?

I know I am.

One thought on “Lean 30: 18 – They’re Just Not That Into You

  1. I unfriended some of my cousins after one full year went by without a return ‘hi’ or ‘happy birthday’ or response to my request ‘who wants Christmas cards?’. Then I just left FB. The important people would use other means of keeping in touch, I reasoned. I did sulk for a good long while on how few people were “the important people” though.

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