Krause Berry Farm

During the last few days of summer and in early autumn, you can still find visitors to Krause Berry Farm carting about containers plump full of berries.  (Blueberries are less abundant, though, and blackberries are also available.) If you’re looking for a pleasant destination at the end of a ride through neighbourhoods with small acreages, the farm does not disappoint.  Don’t let potential chaos surrounding the Port Mann bridge slow you down. You can easily approach the farm from other directions, using less major roads.  The farm is also an easy add-on to a trip to the Vancouver Zoo. It’s best to use an old fashioned map rather than relying on GPS.

If you’re looking for a place for lunch, you can stop at the farm, line up for the corn pizza and then enjoy waffles while sitting in the inside courtyard.  Recently Claire Brett was on hand to entertain guests.

In addition to seasonal fruit picking you can buy produce and berries at the farm, gourmet and farm related gifts, decorations, house ware items and baked goods.  The berry-packed pies can be purchased frozen or ready to eat.

The farm website gives current information about what is happening on the farm, including activities that are well suited for families with children.  On September 22 – 23, for example, the farm will take part in the Langley Art Studio tour, featuring resident artist Audrey Burm and, for the event, Audrey Bakewell and Wendy Mould. Currently, horse drawn wagon rides are available on the weekend.

Many people who live away from the west side of Vancouver know about, and have visited, Krause Berry Farm. However, many have heard about it and not visited – or simply don’t know about it.  Keeping this in mind, it is worth mentioning the farm to others.

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Krause Berry Farms website

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