2010 In the News: Education

We are continually monitoring local, national and international news for stories that are relevant to families and individuals focused on caring for children.

Focus Foundation programs a big help for troubled youths

One third of students unprepared for kindergarten study finds

When did education become a race

Taking stock of life long learning in Canada

Why can’t Johnny read?  Maybe it’s the parent’s fault.

Secrets of the world’s best education systems

Why can’t Johnny read? (Time magazine)

Full day kindergardten in BC (Province of BC website)

The new first grade.

ID Tech Camps for ages 7 – 18 at major universities in North America.

B.C. government won’t divulge details of preschool plan

Mixing old-fashioned study methods with high-tech tools

Violence against school staff is on the rise

Kids have theories on spelling bee preparation

Toronto girl wins Canspell contest

Virtual Field Trips: A New Approach to Montessori “Going Out” Activities

Kindergarten expansion expected to cause space shortages

Is playtime over?

Exposure stops bullying

Why do Finland’s schools get the best results

Vancouver school board faces ‘drastic reductions’

Both kids and adults face bullies

Well-stocked bookshelves give children learning edge

Taking care of the world around them. Girl Guides celebrates 100 years in Canada committed to respect for global culture

Foreign families bring special needs students to B.C. schools

Confessions of a mean girl

VSB votes to shorten school year by 10 days

Boys left behind in school – and then in life: experts

Club makes good guys. An outreach program was created by a teacher and the vice-principal

Educational programs that provide opportunities for early childhood development are disappearing

How to assess a school’s performance

Anti-gang message hits home in Abbotsford

Want to go to UBC? You’ll need an A average

Roots of Empathy Vancouver celebrates 10 years of babies

Vancouver looks at closing schools, raising rents and cancelling programs

A speech to the graduating class of UBC 2010

Sometimes, you can go home again. Heading back to elementary school 50 years later …

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