2010 In the News: Health

We are continually monitoring local, national and international news for stories that are relevant to families and individuals focused on caring for children.

Chocolate milk not a bad choice

Confusing medicine labels may lead to overdose

Even pre-school age children believe that thinner is better

Pregnancy related deaths rise in US

Tips for Eco-Friendly Eating

Just what are we putting in our mouths?

Doctors prepare for the asthma deluge

Giving your body the right fuel. It’s not just about what you eat (or don’t) – it’s also about when

Obesity risks start before birth

Time management tips for better work life balance

Keys to a balanced diet

Shake boosts memory in Alzheimer’s patients

Moody blues? Brain food could help

We are the vessel that carries the memories of those with dementia

Hospital gets $1.5 million boost from Sedin brothers

Healthy eating is tasty eating

The health benefits of kiwi fruit

Simple steps limit pollen exposure

A jump on bone strength. Active children grow up to have strong skeletons

Research about happiness

Oats can work wonders

Program boosts support for sick kids’ families

Even a little plaque is really bad

Younger children getting more cavities

Laws needed to cut sugar and salt, experts say

Brain games don’t make you smarter: study

Experts alarmed as severe temper trantrums labelled as mental disorder

Babies need more exercise, study says

Plan ahead to eat well

Walnuts have super powers

Brushing up on toothbrush choices

How to age well

Breastfeeding could save lives, money

It’s never too early to form good oral hygiene habits

Chicken pox lesions can last one year or longer

An ounce of prevention. A healthy diet is the best partner for oral health

Caesarean rates suggest procedure is performed too often in B.C. study

New peanut could cut the risk of deadly allergic reactions

Start families young to avoid problems

Shedding some light on vitamin

Problems with kids’ medicine highlight cavalier attitude

Face it: Your diet affects your looks

Optimize your health and feel great. How much, and how often should you eat certain foods?

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