Math and Science for Girls

It is one thing to have had a chance to go into the sciences and like it or lump it. It is quite another to have gone down the path of no return and never have a shot at a career in the sciences – or any career that requires a science background. While one could always go back to school and start from scratch, for most people this option is somewhat of a non-option.  Regardless of whether one ultimately chooses a career in the sciences, or not, it is always preferable to have the exposure first before doors start to shut. is a Girl Scouts sponsored site that looks at the issue of girls going into the sciences. The following is an excerpt from their Website:

Today, more than 60% of all jobs require some form of technology skills. According to the National Science Foundation, women currently represent 46% of the total workforce, but only 25% of the technology workforce and 10% of the nation’s top technology jobs.

Despite their success in diverse areas, studies show that many women choose traditionally “female” occupations and research suggests that these decisions take root while girls are in elementary school. Studies show that by age 12, most girls lose interest in these subjects and therefore their chance at many future jobs.

The Girls Go Tech campaign aims to encourage girls to develop an early interest in math, science, and technology and, ultimately, maintain that interest to help ensure a more diverse, dynamic and productive workforce.

In the following advertisement a father misses an opportunity to encourage his daughter’s inquiring mind:

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