Monday Musings: Slowness

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* Why has the pleasure of slowness disappeared?

* A person gazing at God’s windows is not bored; he is happy.  In our world, indolence has turned into having nothing to do, which is a completely different thing: a person with nothing to do is frustrated, bored, is constantly searching for the activity he lacks.

* I beg you, friend, be happy.  I have the vague sense that on your capacity to be happy hangs our only hope.

Excerpts from Slowness by Milan Kundera*, published in 1995 by HarperCollins.

“Irresistible. . . .Slowness is an ode to sensuous leisure, to the enjoyment of pleasure rather than just the search for it.” Cathleen Schine, Mirabella. “Audacity, wit, and sheer brilliance.”

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Image: portion of the Slowness cover

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