Newfoundlander Recipes from Home and Away

Every time I see one of the striking Newfoundland tourism videos I think that I would love to Come From Away there! So I was very pleased to be given a copy of the late Gary Corcoran’s cookbook – featuring the cuisine of Newfoundland. The cookbook is a true labour of love.

Keep More Than the Grey

As the #KeeptheGrey hashtag builds up momentum online, following the unexplained and unwelcomed dismissal of CTV’s former anchor, Lisa LaFlamme, we need more conversations in person and online about how women over age 45 can be more visible in their professional and personal spaces.

Being That Lone Voice

Part of our privilege to be living in a country like Canada is that we have the opportunity to exercise our ability to speak up, even if we’re not believed or what we say isn’t appreciated or accepted.  Even if we’re the one lone voice.

Sweet Humility

In this current age of consumerism, the rise of affluence and every day showcasing, discussions about simple virtues have a magnetic appeal. 

12 Years of Mundane and Boring?

My reasons for publishing online haven’t changed over the years. I have the same passions that focus on supporting families and individuals in society; social justice issues; community building; and, in particular, topics that affect the disenfranchised and those in need.

Making Home Schooling and Preschool Plans

When my twins were almost 3, they were at an age when there was a mass exodus from Strong Start into preschool programmes. But at the time, I realized that my preschool plans for them amounted to home schooling. I asked myself if I was making the right decision.