Parenting Books for the Infant Years (ages 0 – 3)

There are so many wonderful books covering the New Born to Infant years.  Here are a few that we found to be particularly well written and useful.

Tim Seldin is highly praised and respected by his Montessori colleagues in the education field and his book How to Raise an Amazing Child does not disappoint.  For more information about the work of Tim Seldin’s organization see

Tim Seldin speaks about Montessori education

Sylvana Montenaro’s book Understanding the Human Being focuses on the 0 – 3 age group from a Montessori perspective.  Child’s Play is an activities based book and the book by Clare Healy. Volume 3 focuses on the 0 – 3 age group.

The 90 Minute Sleep Plan presents the five principles of sleep (as described in the following link).  This theory is also presented in the Happiest Baby on the Block book. Thoughts about babies sleep are varied and often contradictory.

The New First Three Years of Life is a good modern version of a Dr. Spock type primer. The stage by stage descriptions of what you can expect are written in an informative yet approachable style.

The Children’s Hospital Guide is an exhaustive presentation of health and development issues related to children.

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