We Get Mail: Casting Call for Home Sellers

Casting Researcher Sylvia Lee has sent information to BCFamily.ca about a Lower Mainland casting call for TV show Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers.

If you are planning to sell your detached home and are open to being filmed for a TV show, you can send your contact details using the information included below.

If you’re not preparing to sell your home, consider sharing a link to this page on Social Media. You never know – one of your friends or colleagues might be a perfect fit.

Here’s the scoop from Sylvia:

Hi Families!

My name is Sylvia and I’m currently casting in the greater Vancouver area for a new TV show called ‘Buying and Selling’ with the Property Brothers. We are looking for families who are selling their home. We want to find properties that may benefit from a FREE staging and makeover,  and the idea is to help them speed up the sale and increase it’s market value. This is completely free and we aim to film in the spring and summer of 2013.

We are casting families who are currently residing in the home they want to sell. If you have a detached home that is over 2,000 sq ft then please see our casting notice below and contact us for more information.

Contact information:

Sylvia Lee
Casting Researcher
Buying and Selling with The Property Brothers
110 Spadina Ave, Suite 400
Toronto, ON  M5V 2K4

Office: 416.531.2500 ext.616

Fax: 416-531-8191

Email:  Slee@cineflix.com

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