Reality TV: Lessons Learned

Even if you rarely watch Reality TV, here are a few observations you might have made while watching bits and pieces of various shows.

1. Jumping into a body of water from a boat isn’t as easy as it looks on TV. (Have you tried the “jump in and swim” routine in an exotic location such as the Mediterranean in late spring/early summer? The water is so cold, one can nearly go into shock.)

2. Dating/snogging/”fill in the blank” more than one partner at the same time comes across as just plain creepy.

3. Divulging the agony of your romance meltdown in a status report, Tweet, E-mail, weblog and/or TV broadcast will encourage uncharitable thoughts amongst your contemporaries.

4. A stint on reality TV will now ensure that your life is chronicled on Entertainment Tonight and every tabloid out there.

5. The general populace tends to measure other people’s lives by behaviour seen on reality TV.

6. Speaking ill of your housemate/friend/work mate to everyone who will listen is never a good idea.

7. If you want to race through one country after another, don’t carry a suitcase.

8. TV nannies will almost certainly find some dysfunction going on in your family.

9. Pulling a stunt for attention to support a reality show bid could land you in trouble with the media AND the police.

10. Make your home available for a makeover and you could end up with copious amounts of useless accessories made in China, paint colours only the designers like and enough votive candles to light up a church.

Still, do you suspect that if the producers of Made in Canada¬† Divine Design, Sara’s House or Love it or List it had a sudden urge to do a show in Vancouver (uhuh), you’d sign up for a show in a heartbeat?

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