Self defense courses – An investment in personal safety

Participants in two day RAD self defense course learn how to be more aware of potential problems in different situations and how to act in different circumstances. Like first aid courses, it is recommended that participants take a refresher course from time to time. If you haven’t taken one of these courses yet, watch for an upcoming course near you. These techniques are beneficial for high school age students and women of all ages.  High school age boys and men could also benefit from understanding the principles of these self defense courses.

In 2009, a woman in Vancouver was murdered while jogging in a popular wooded area near the University of British Columbia. By all accounts she was a safety conscious jogger. Hopefully justice will prevail and the family and community will learn how this tragic crime took place. This knowledge will help women to increase their level of personal safety. The recent, tragic murder of a teenage girl in Delta is a distressing reminder of the ongoing violence inflicted upon women and children.

The RCMP has shared the following safety tips for joggers in the local media:

* walk, jog or cycle with a companion
* don’t wear headphones. You need to know what is going on around you
* carry a whistle or battery powered personal alarm device with you
* always have your car keys handy so you can get into your car quickly
* tell a friend or family member where you are heading, the route you will be taking and how long you will be there
* take a cellphone with you
* vary the times you use the trails
* wear bright-coloured clothes to improve you visibility
* try to avoid heavily wooded areas, secluded areas or areas that would offer poor visibility

Note that the RCMP do not recommend the use of some kind of pepper spray. The assailant can get hold of one of these devices and use it on the victim.

Martial arts programmes such as Taekwondo provide safe and appropriate early training for students. A benefit of these programmes is that they increase self-confidence and provide techniques that can be used in self defense. It should be emphasized that the focus of a good self defense course is prevention first, escape second and fight if necessary with the goal of escaping.

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