Steven and Chris: A dynamic design duo to watch

Every weekday Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman find fun and easy ways to bring a little bit of fabulous to life. They share advice on fashion, delicious food ideas, tips on home décor and much more on Steven and Chris. (Content Film)

Whether you work within the home or in an office, if you enjoy food, fashion, fun and frivolity, you’ll want to make time for Steven (Sabatos) and Chris (Hyndman).  This dynamic, designer duo consistently wow their dedicated fans with their talented skills and perspectives and their cheerful and humble personalities. Their afternoon show on CBC is also available on their detailed website.  If setting a digital recorder isn’t your thing, you can easily watch past shows online.  While the show is based in Toronto, it doesn’t suffer from that Toronto-centric feel you find with other shows.  Steven and Chris direct their show to all Canadians – especially the women in their viewer base.  For viewers here in Vancouver the approach works.  We feel included.

You will find a wide range of features on their website including information about decorations, food, health tips and relationships, contests and submissions from fans.  We like their video and photo “Ask Steven and Chris” submission page.  Here’s a recent posting regarding creating a family friend living room.

Since Steven and Chris (Chris and Steven?) always have their finger on the pulse, it is no surprise that they recently put together a show about bloggers. Female bloggers.  Hot, happening, cutting edge, Canadian female bloggers to be precise.  Check out their webpage on the show to find a list of some of the most interesting blogs being published in Canada.

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If you live outside of Canada, you may need a little help from Hotspot Shield to watch their show online.

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