You Know – St*ff Mums Say

Sh*t mums say?  Hmnn.  Surely on your journey as a mum you have heard your fair share of statements that could create awkward moments.  In fact some people refer to some of these topics as the basis for Mommy Wars.

Sh*t Vancouver moms say was the topic of a recent comment string on Facebook.  Thanks!  At last count there were 50 people who had left comments. Clearly this is a topic that resonates.

Here are some examples of SMS – or more precisely what some talk about that could be the subject of a parody about mums about town:

* shopping for organic food and items, exclusively

* shopping at the right types of stores where aforementioned organically correct items are sold

* only using the best ingredients.  No sandwich  meats.  No foods from the middle of the store

* not using plastic bottles, even if they are BPA free

* buying precisely the right type of baby soother. Yes that BPA thing again.

* whether or not to use a soother

* the importance of wearing a baby, co-sleeping, breastfeeding for the right period of time and only using cloth diapers

* the need to hire tutors for very young children before they enter Kindergarten

* the need to attend a number of popular baby and toddler programmes such as mum and baby exercise, gymnastics, art, music, literacy, early childhood and sports classes

* comparing stay at home mums to mums who work outside the home

* comparing mums who have extra help, such as nannies and housekeepers, to mums that don’t

* the need to sign up early for programmes such as swim class or the right pre-school

* attending the right pre-school or school

* using a private/independent school versus a public school

* crossing borders (crossing the city) to attend another public school

* bench marks that your child has mastered. Think eating, talking, walking, crawling,  toilet training andreading independently ,for example.  “What do you mean you’re taking a relaxed approach to toilet training? Your children are 2 1/2!”

* going on holidays with  your children.  “What?  You haven’t travelled in years?”

* I need my Girls Night Out and luncheons alone with my girlfriends. “What? You don’t go out on your own?”

* having the right type of dentist. “What? Your children go to a regular dentist?”

* Childcare/Nannies/Babysitters  “What? You don’t have one?”

* the need to drive around to many places every day in your car, coffee mug in hand.  “What? You don’t drink coffee?  You don’t live in your car half the time? You don’t have a second car? You don’t have a car Monday to Friday AND you don’t have bus service during the day?!”

* the need to have the right educational toys and gear

* the need to cook all baby food/food from scratch

* why you waited to have children.  “You’re over 35, aren’t you? Left it a bit late didn’t you? Why did you wait? What? You mean you didn’t wait on purpose? But you’re 40!”

* are you the nanny?

* did you adopt your children from China?

* do twins run in your family? [Let’s talk about how you procreated.]

* not needing second hand clothes/pass offs when offered

* having the right safety devices or not having enough of them

Who could argue that it is bad to buy organic food or breastfeed a child?  Unfortunately some mums shrink into their allotted seat at mums and babies groups when they feel they have somehow been deficient compared to the prevailing opinion or habits of a group.  That’s when a situation can go from awkward to just plain uncomfortable.

” No. I am not a part-time mum because I had a nanny help me during the first year of my twins’ lives.”  [I don’t think I want to attend this mums and babies group anymore.]

Just in case you think these conversation starters are exclusive to mums, we could just as easily talk about Sh*t Dads say.  After all, just the other day one dad said to another “WHAT. Seriously, buddy? You don’t know about that indoor playground?”. 

[Confused look ensued.]

Uh. No. He didn’t.

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