There’s no better time

There has been no better time in recent years to visit Vancouver. With the Olympic Games in full swing, there are hundreds of related Cultural Olympiad events, sporting events and Olympic venues to visit in and around Vancouver.  Whether you come during the daytime or at nighttime, there is much to see.  On any given day Vancouver is an attractive city. Add in the excitement of Olympic events and happenings and you have a recipe for a good time.

Do not be scared off by reports of long lineups and crowded trains.  The scenarios you will encounter are fairly mild compared to busy streets in places like crowded cities in Asia.  All venues are required by law to be accessible.  This means that events are stroller friendly.  You will also find that the staff and volunteers at the venues are keen to be off assistance and help you find your way.  If you do have to wait 30 minutes to enter a train, pavilion or concert venue, the time will go by quickly.

So take the initiative, bundle up your family and head to an Olympic site for a few hours.  You will not have regrets about making the effort.

Image:  A freshly repainted wall mural, finished in time for the Olympics.

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