Trying Your Hand at Old School Photography

In 2010 children are too young to remember the days before digital cameras.  They will be quick to tell you that 35 mm cameras are antiques!  It is all too easy, nowadays, for children to snap one photo, delete it, and take two or three more.  The need for care, consideration and good composition are minimal thanks to Photoshop and other editing and cropping applications.

The results of the 12 x 12 Vancouver Photo Marathon – uploaded to a Flickr group account – are a welcome introduction to the photographic version of slow foods.  Sixty photographers spent 12 hours shooting twelve themes.  One theme was announced per hour. They used 35 mm film and were only allowed one exposure per theme.  The themes were chosen out of a hat from a selection of fifty and included terms such as nosy, blank, high hope, wild goose chase, loud, tie and panhandle.

To do:

* Dust off your old cameras and show them to your children. Show how they were used and tell them why you liked using that particular camera.

* One of a number of Lomo cameras would be a fun and experimental introduction to the joys of old school photography with a twist.  See the Lomography website for details.  The simple Action Sampler is a fun tool when taking movement photos such as a person twirling around or moving in some fashion.

Vancouver Photo Workshops

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