Using Intuition to Plan Your Days

If you’re looking for an integrated scheduler for your iPhone, IconApps has launched a free application called Intuition – a personal assistant for mums.  If you haven’t bought an iPhone, this app just might tip you over the edge.  What mum wouldn’t want a centralized, day timer-like application that helps her with her schedule, to do lists (no more stickies!), tasks and wish lists?  Each task can be organized by category (such as family or work) or by location (such as home or office).  Grocery lists can be created, reused and even sent by E-mail to the family member going to the store.  A share button on each page makes it easy to share information by E-mail or send it to a social media application. In the Smart Calendar each task can be viewed by day, month or as a list and comes with due dates, times and E-mail or iPhone alert reminders. There is an integrated option that can synchronize the application with a Google calendar account and there are options to help locate coupons or local stores of note nearby.  Moms on the go who want to be in the know can also download templates with information about health and nutrition, entertaining, event planning and ideas for children and family activities.  The community feature in this app is powered by the TwitterMoms community where more than 450 topics from blogging to law are covered. This means that Intuition users can be connected to hundreds of thousands of social media and information savvy moms.

When it comes to developing useful Internet tools to help mums and anyone else who would find this app handy get organized, this free app is a step in the right direction. As part of the Intuition/Twitter Moms launch, submitted original quotes to be featured on the Twitter Moms supported community portion of this app.

Everybody is a somebody. No one is a nobody.
Wisdom is nurtured by humility and a sense of wonder.
Start every challenging interaction with a smile.
Work to live. Don’t live to work.
Notes from toddler-land. Who knew book spines taste so good?
Reading daily with your child is the greatest gift you can share.
More important than success – dare to pursue your dreams.
Sustainable living practice is about more than recycling.
We can build strong communities one interaction at a time.
We laugh more often in the company of friends AND strangers.
Full day Kindergarten isn’t a fad. Observe a 5 yr old today!
Stressed? In need of a laugh? Spend time with a child today.
Walking is an easy way to kick start a healthy lifestyle.
Remember your schooldays? Autumn is a time for reinvention.
Community festivals occur year round. They’re free and fun!


For multiple inspiring quotes per week – from famous people this time 🙂 – see the IconApps Intuition page on Facebook.  Inspiring quotes must be a company favourite at IconApps as they appear on the application as well.  Who couldn’t use a daily dose of inspiration?

To download the free app, go to the IconApps homepage

The following video provides an overview of the Twitter Moms online community

2 thoughts on “Using Intuition to Plan Your Days

  1. I’m also using Intuition and you bet it is extremely useful! You crafted a great description of its features too, could not write it better!

  2. Thank you. It is good to hear feedback from an Intuition user. I like how the company uses their Facebook page to gather feedback from users that can influence future development of the product.

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