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Recently, two organizations contacted us about the programmes they are running.  Here’s the scoop!

The Bicycle Factory

Do you remember how excited you were when you received your first bike?  Imagine if that bike was the difference between you having to walk a very long distance to school, versus a relatively short distance by bicycle.  Imagine how much more you would have LOVED to have that bike. Then imagine if it also made it much easier to pick up the heavy load of water that you regularly helped to deliver to your home.

Recently we heard from the Bicycle Factory about their project to make bikes for communities in Africa. Did you know that June is biking month?  It’s the  perfect time to check out their work and the contributions.  Bikes are not simply forms of recreation, but also provide an important means of transportation and support for families.

The Bicycle Factory hopes to deliver 5,000 bikes to Ghana this year.  In the previous two years they made almost 9,332 bikes!   To support their mission look for the Bicycle Factory product code located under the bar code of any Cadbury product.  Go to their website to fill in the information.  While you are there you will also be able to enter for a trip to Africa! (Contest ends July 31, 2011)  For students, this is the perfect opportunity that is both accessible and rewarding.  Even if they aren’t eating Cadbury products themselves, they can easily find people who are and ask them to donate their product codes. If you support Fair Trade chocolate and tense up when you see the name Cadbury, you’ll want to check out their Cocoa Partnership programme information below.

One bar code equals one virtual bike part, and 100 parts results in the building of  one bike.  Fair Trade Dairy Milk codes are equal to two parts.  Pretty exciting hey?


You can also find the Bicycle Factory on Facebook
Miss 604 visits the Bicycle Factory in the field
Cadbury and the UNDP team up to support sustainable coca farming (An important initiative when you consider the tainted history of cocoa farming – hence the Fair Trade chocolates movement.
The Hive: A Corporate website related to the work of Cadbury

UBC Pediatric Audiology Lab

The UBC Pediatric Audiology Lab wrote to say that they are conducting research on hearing in infants who are younger than 20 months old.  They are currently recruiting children who are this age and who have normal hearing to participate in our hearing studies. Results from these studies will help fill in the gaps of what is known about how babies hear and also may help to improve current clinical methods of testing hearing in young infants.  They asked that we share the following message:

The UBC Pediatric Audiology Lab (PAL) is doing a study on hearing in infants under 20 months old. Hearing screening results are shared with the parents and an honorarium is provided. Results from this study may improve current clinical methods and help with early diagnosis of hearing loss in infants. Please contact us pal@audiospeech.ubc.ca to schedule a visit or for more details.

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