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Do you publish a website?  Are you looking to find a position as a social media and content manager? Over at Vancouvermom.ca they’re hiring a Social Media and Content Manager and four City Bloggers.  If this type of work is up your alley, you’ll definitely want to check out their hiring page.

I noticed this posting because at first blush it is the type of opportunity that would interest me. Here’s why.

Right now I am on sabbatical. (See my About page.) I’m not sure from what exactly, but I did work before having children and I plan to work full-time in a paid position in the future. So at a minimum I’d say that I’m on sabbatical from my career.  I started my career in the field of Early Childhood Education – specializing in Montessori education.  I decided to work with children in the youngest grade levels because I love the Montessori primary programme and wanted to help children start school on the right foot.  After working in that field for a number of years (including five years working for an international school overseas), I returned to Vancouver to complete a graduate degree.  This was followed by experience working in the field of educational policy research.   Finally I worked for a local university and finished my last job there in a junior management position.  The birth of my children was a personal highlight alongside marriage to my husband.   While I was on  maternity leave, there was a turn-over in my office and my position was cut.  So here I am.  I’m on sabbatical, looking after my children full-time – an educator, with some managerial experience, who publishes a website.  A social media position/blogger position would fit in nicely.

When I saw these ads over at Vancouvermom.ca I did what I always do in such circumstances.  I took inventory.  “Hmnn”, I thought, “how many of these skill sets do I have?”

* Am I a whizz with Facebook and Twitter?  Others consider me to be right in the thick of things when it comes to using these social media applications.  I do try to stretch the potential of these sites to the maximum for my own benefit.

* Do I know what hip/happening moms like and how to engage them using social media in a corporate setting?  Another “hmnn”.  I’m not sure what  “in a corporate setting” means.  Does it mean that I use social media applications for a money making and not purely private venture? Since I haven’t monetized my site, I don’t have ads, don’t use Google Ads, and don’t have sponsors, I guess the answer is “no”.  My efforts must count as being purely non-corporate.

* I’ve started using Hoot Suite, I know what an RSS feed is and have made my site RSS feed friendly.  I don’t read Mashable and excuse me while I take a break to “Google”  Gary Vaynerchuk.  … Oh yes. I’ve read about him, but he didn’t make a lasting impression on me. I don’t follow his work.

* I’m a proud owner of a WordPress run site which replaced a similar site that I ran on Blogger for six years.   I can’t believe I’ve been actively creating content on the Internet since 2004! I’ve signed up with Dropbox, but don’t use it.   I’ve used Google Docs and think it’s a great tool.

* Am I an excellent writer?  Sure. Well, at a minimum I can say that I do strive to be a good writer.  Am I sassy? Sometimes, but not always.

* Can I coordinate others?  I’m pretty sure I can handle that task, based on previous work experience.

* Am I familiar with SEO?  Yes.  Do it I ensure SEO for my site to the best of my abilities ?  Yes.  Do I do a good job of ensuring SEO for my website?  Possibly.

* Do I know how to use HTML?  I do dabble in this area.  It’s an important skill to have  if you want to design your own website without asking for help from other people.

* I’ve got the major programmes on my computer and I’m an expert photo cropper.

* My availability each week goes up and down, although I could cram in six hours.  This point is neither here nor there as my task here is to take stock of how I’m doing (and I don’t live in Vancouver.)

* Do I do what I love and love what I do?  Absolutely.  Every day and always.

* While I currently live outside of Vancouver, after moving from Yaletown, I don’t meet the residency requirements for the Blogger section of this job ad.  Now that I’m living in the Tri-City area, the pace of life has slowed down considerably.  I’m very much focussed on raising my almost 2 year old toddlers.  I’m not walking around the city with them, as I did in Yaletown.  Our ability to explore the area and find out new information is random and unpredictable.  At this point I am definitely not one of the most in-the-know mums when it come to the Tri-City area.

* 20 posts in 6 months is doable for me.  I decided to focus on quality rather than quantity and don’t endeavour to produce content every day.  Instead I do share information on the BC Family Facebook page, Twitter page and related Tumblr site on a daily basis (between the three of them).

* I’m a keen photographer – thank goodness – so I do like to use my own photography on my website, when I can.

Based on the answers I gave and the amount of categories, I give myself a B grade.  That’s not so great.  Aren’t you supposed to strive to be the best you can be at whatever you do?  Granted I do have time and energy constraints, but still. I must work on this.  How about you?  Are you publishing a website?  How would you grade your efforts?

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