Lean 30: 6 – What Would Have Said to Rob Ford?

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca/Editorial

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It’s the major, “trending on Twitter” story of the evening –  “unconfirmed reports” that Toronto’s Mayor was ticketed for jaywalking at the same time that he was intoxicated. More specifically this went down in my neck of the woods – the Burnaby/Coquitlam area of the Lower Mainland.  Based on a witness’ account, it seems Rob Ford thinks we’re “looser and cooler” here in BC.  So I asked an even keel, Canucks loving, “not born but bred” in BC member of my family what he would have done if he’d been on the road tonight and encountered Mayor Ford jaywalking in front of or near his car.

“I would have stopped, helped him back on the sidewalk and asked him if he’s OK”, he replied.  “It’s the humanitarian thing to do.”

No he wouldn’t have taken his photo to post online.  That’s not his thing.

What’s more important than his job working as a politician is that Rob Ford is a husband and father. Media images show him  arriving in Vancouver with his children – a visual reminder that he is the father of young children.  No doubt there have been repeated attempts to help the Mayor. Let’s hope that someone in Toronto WILL be able to take him to the side, say “are you OK?” and encounter success supporting him as he finds the right path towards health and recovery.

Update:  Coquitlam’s Mayor addressed the situation surrounding this ticket.

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