BC Family Day 2017: Top Picks

Top Picks for BC Family Day 2017. What will you do on February 13th?

Reclaiming Valentine's Day

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered, since social media took root, it’s that people aren’t terribly fussed about Valentine’s Day.  I know without a doubt that there will be a number of “forget you, Valentine’s Day” posts along with cheery, inclusive messages to everyone on Valentine’s Day.  Since I didn’t get married until I was [...]

Milk Carton Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses built around milk cartons are a favourite activity in elementary school. If you want to make a house that doesn’t require pre-baking the parts, this is project isn’t intimidating.

3 Uses For Sidewalk Paint

Here’s a simple project to put together that the children in your life will embrace enthusiastically. A Happy Hooligans post about sidewalk paint was the inspiration to pull together the limited amount of ingredients required to make sidewalk paint.  We had all the ingredients, my four year olds love painting and it was an excuse [...]

Let's Start Weaving

We’ve been eying up the Place Des Arts brochure lately at our house, which includes an intriguing fabric arts programme.  To encourage an interest in weaving, we tried this super easy project based on a photo on Flickr. (No identified source, unfortunately.)   It might not seem like much of a task to the adult [...]

Do You Reuse Old Crayons?

If you have seen multi-coloured crayons on Pinterest, a blog or in someone’s home and haven’t tried making them yourself, it’s time to give it a go. Why? Because it’s very easy, children can take part in the project and the results are so pretty. Here’s the simple how to: Pre-heat your oven to 250C [...]

Outdoor Living: A Child in Nature

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca While observing elders in my family who immigrated from Eastern Europe in the early 20th century, I have witnessed their deep rooted love for the land.   I was not surprised when I read that Russian film makers like the late Andrei Tarkovsky have been known to take a high perspective when filming [...]

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Chinese New Year is the perfect time to see lanterns on display and to make your own paper lantern.  The traditional Chinese lantern parades take place on the 15th day after Chinese New Year. Here is a plan for making a lantern that can be hung on a string or stick, but doesn’t require a [...]

Make a Valentine's Day Wreath

After the Christmas decorations come down, it’s hard to not miss the red, green and gold colours that were in the house. Fortunately Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner. We have a large, cut paper heart from Denmark that we use for decorating at Christmas time. Since it is heart-shaped, [...]

Bringing the Outdoors Inside at Christmas

Poinsettia arrangements at Amsterdam Greenhouses & Garden Centre, Pitt Meadows. (Click on image to enlarge.) If you have spent time waiting for a loved one to emerge from a big box store lately, you might have noticed many shoppers exiting with large quantities of generic Christmas balls and baubles that were undoubtedly made in a [...]

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