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Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca/Editorial

If I had to choose one group of products for sale on the Red Bubble BC Family pageYaletown + Community would be a top favourite.  The image is a combination of photographs showing the Yaletown/North False Creek waterfront and a community festival.

Building community is a theme on BCFamily.ca – and this image makes me think of people coming together in the heart of a community.

If you have a passion for all things Vancouver, check out the Yaletown + Community page to find clothing, bags, stationery and tech accessory options to order. Most of the content on the Red Bubble BC Family page is BC – based, so there are lots of home grown choices available.

Until May 29, 2016, you’re invited to take part in a 2 week fundraiser on the Red Bubble BC Family page.  This fundraiser is different than the money donation efforts that people have been making. (You can donate directly to the Canadian Red Cross online.) It’s based on the idea that if you want to shop for yourself, find a gift for someone else (or share the link to encourage others to do so), you can have an added bonus of sending off a portion of the sales cost into a $2 for every $1 donated fundraising plan. More information.

Note: Red Bubble fills the orders for the BC Family page. If you have any questions about your order, before or after you receive it, please contact Red Bubble’s customer service.  You can also leave reviews on their site.

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