2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics: Know the Rules and Take Precautionary Measures

Do acquaint yourself with the list of prohibited items in the spectator guide lest you have your tobaggan confiscated at the door! For example, umbrellas are fine but golf umbrellas are not. Openly advertising competitors’ products is not allowed. (Assuming you plan to wear a Pepsi t-shirt, for example.) A capped bottle of water and discreet snacks may be permisable but check the guide for prohibitions regarding bringing in food and drinks to events. Keep in mind that pick pockets will most likely be on hand. Keep your wallet of your back pocket or backpack and keep a hand on your bag at all times. If you are parking a car ensure that it is empty. (This includes removing loose change.) When you arrive at a venue decide on a meeting place if you have older children, should anyone get separated from the group. Show younger children what Olympic Official uniforms look like, should they need to ask for help if they get lost.

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