Visiting AppleBarn Pumpkin Farm

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Applebarn Pumpkin Farm, have you wondered if you should drive out for a visit?

On a beautiful September day, with clear blue skies, my family and I recently joined the YVR Bloggers trip to AppleBarn Pumpkin Farm. It was a perfect day to venture out into the Fraser Valley and visit Abbotsford.

Daniel's Mediterranean Tapas & Grill

Pamela Chan, If you have young children, you might be wondering when you will be able to go out for a family meal at a restaurant that isn’t a step up from McDonalds.  If your children are under 5 – as ours are – there is always that potential for a bit of a [...]

A Better World: Gift Baskets With Ethically Sourced Products

World in a Garden is a multicultural urban farm and educational project based in Vancouver.  This holiday season they are preparing gift baskets and stocking stuffers using ethically sourced products that will help you complete your holiday gift shopping.  If you would like to order a Farm to Table basket for family and friends, this [...]

Daily Dish: McDonald's Disappoints Again.  Surprised?

It isn’t an earth shattering revelation. Someone writes online about a disappointing experience with a McDonald’s product and maybe a few people read it.   End of story.  Food bloggers everywhere are not only busy cranking out pieces on these types of topics, but they are also putting their well-honed food critique skills to good use.  So I [...]

Taste of Thanksgiving Meal at Whole Foods Market

If you are in the mood for a turkey dinner and you are thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday (October 11th in Canada), you will want to head on over to a Whole Foods Market near you (Park Royal South, West Vancouver or Cambie and Broadway downtown.  Their Taste of Thanksgiving meal happens today, Thursday, [...]

Delicious BC:  Elliz Cafe

Now that Vancouver has a new Skytrain linking Richmond to downtown Vancouver,  it is easy to hop on and off the train while exploring different neighbourhoods. If you are heading uptown, or downtown, you will want to stop off at the Olympic Village train stop so that you can take in the offerings at Elliz [...]

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