Lean 30: 14 - Managing Accounts and Documents

Maybe it’s because the year end is approaching. Or maybe it’s because my husband keeps asking me to delete photos from out tablet. Whatever the reason, I’m jumping all over the digital map shedding digital weight in my files and thinking about all types of documents and records that I manage. It’s not an easy job and there are many challenges.

The Ultimate Romance Deterrent

You know those sexy women who cause men’s eyes to turn – on TV, at the office or in real life? You can be quite certain that they don’t enter a man’s imagination holding a bottle of stainless steel cleaner in their hands.

Spring Gardening Workshops

If you or you and your family enjoy gardening, you will want to get on the Amsterdam Greenhouses’ E-mail list or follow them on Facebook.  As the weather has started to improve, there can be many reasons to visit Pitt Meadows from other areas of the Lower Mainland.  You could take part in a workshop [...]

BC Home + Garden Show Discoveries

Test driving the Panasonic massage chairs at the BC Home + Garden Show. You can get deep discounts when you purchase one at any of the shows they attend year round. Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca Take one trade show, add in two 3 1/2 year olds and you are bound to end up with an outcome [...]

Giveaway: BC Home & Garden Show Tickets

As the weather switches back and forth from sunny to rainy, you might be casting your mind ahead to spring and plans to develop your balcony or yard and redecorate your home.  From February 20 – 24, 2013, you can catch up on the latest trends in home and garden design at the BC Home [...]

We Get Mail:  Casting Call for Home Sellers

Casting Researcher Sylvia Lee has sent information to BCFamily.ca about a Lower Mainland casting call for TV show Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers. If you are planning to sell your detached home and are open to being filmed for a TV show, you can send your contact details using the information included below. [...]

Bringing the Outdoors Inside at Christmas

Poinsettia arrangements at Amsterdam Greenhouses & Garden Centre, Pitt Meadows. (Click on image to enlarge.) If you have spent time waiting for a loved one to emerge from a big box store lately, you might have noticed many shoppers exiting with large quantities of generic Christmas balls and baubles that were undoubtedly made in a [...]

26 Bathrooms From the Other Side

Alphabet rooms spoilers herein.  How strange talent is.  Even ordinary, old [Peter] Greenaway is superior to most of what else one encounters. This film employs all the Greenaway signatures minus one.  Here we have moving water, casual nudity, numeric or alphabetical (here the latter) organization, and a [Peter] Nyman score.  Along the way, one gets [...]

The Art of Living at Home

Judging by the conversations on social media websites and across cafe tables, you would think that nobody cleans, cooks, gardens, sews, does crafts or other household arts. You might see a photo from time to time on your Facebook homepage of a special meal that someone has created or you might see a photo of [...]

Curtains Provide a Focal Point in a Child's Bedroom

What do you remember about your childhood room? Chances are you remember the colour of the walls (paint or wallpaper) and the fabric on your curtains and bedspread. Whether you have a large or small budget to decorate your child’s bedroom, the right choice and quality of drapes can make a large impact on the [...]

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