Ideas For Celebrating Chinese New Year

As we inch towards the eve of Chinese New Year, many people in British Columbia might not celebrate this holiday as they do not have a personal connection to the Chinese culture. If your family falls into this category but you’d still like to enjoy the festivities, here are a few ideas that you can try during the 15 day Chinese New Years celebrations.

Culinary Capers: Eggs Marinara

If you are looking for a slightly different egg dish for breakfast or brunch, Eggs Marinara is easy and rewarding. The Sauce 5 cloves garlic Salt Fresh Basil (a few leaves) 1 28 ounce can of whole tomatoes (No salt added) Extra virgin olive oil The best time to make this egg dish is the [...]

Ten Years Thinner

Would you give your diet and exercise plan a complete overhaul for six weeks? By Pamela Chan, Three weeks ago a friend mentioned, in passing a book, by Dr. Christine Lydon.  After reading about the book we decided here at to give the nutrition plan (“diet”) and exercise programme a try. Dr. Lydon [...]

Culinary Capers: Easy Almond Cake

In the Christmas and Holiday Season aspirations to bake up a storm run high.  If you use Pinterest, read Martha Stewart Living or watch the Food Network, you might have visions of baked goods flowing out of your kitchen.  Other priorities kick in and before you know it you’re eying up sweeties at Costco the [...]

Culinary Capers: Canada Day Butterfly Cupcakes

For Canada day we’ll be decorating and eating Butterfly Cakes with freshly whipped whipping cream.  The recipe we’re using is based on Nigella Lawson’s recipe from her Nigella Express* cookbook with a few changes that include olive oil instead of butter, adding in milk and orange rind and reducing the amount of vanilla extract. Ingredients [...]

Mother's Day Weekend Tea

It’s an intriguing claim that needed confirmation – a recipe for the best chocolate chip cookie. On a sunny Mother’s Day weekend we decided to serve these cookies along with homemade challah bread, sandwich fillings, cheese, baked crab and cheese appetizers, strawberries and baked goods.  The baked goods were chosen to appeal to the children [...]

Veggie Burgers

If you were a resident in Kingston, Ontario or a student at Queen’s University in the late 1980s and 1990s, there’s a good chance you ate at a modest cafe called Windmills Cafe.  As you can see from the photograph in the image below,  it was a casual place where you could find hearty food [...]

Chicken With Oranges and Almonds

This recipe was passed on by Al Hardy, who lives on Vancouver Island.   Recently Al shared it with the owner of California-based Buck Oranges, who sells his citrus fruit exclusively to Thrifty Foods.  Al appreciates the quality of the produce and products at Thrifty Foods and is a regular Sendial volunteer at Thriftys.  Sendial is [...]

Culinary Capers: Cooking Inspiration at Thrifty Foods

Recently a  budget-conscious friend who is retired from her career advised us that food at the Great Canadian Superstore is 15% cheaper than at other stores.  We believed her.  It is true you cannot beat the overall cost savings at this big box store.  Although if you know your prices you can find sales at the other grocery [...]

Culinary Capers:  Apple (Fruit) Pancakes

At the end of a long week you might be looking to try something different as a treat for breakfast.  German Apple Pancakes are a tasty option that always turn out well.  If you do not have an apple on hand, you can use other fruit as well. (Strawberry pancakes are shown below.) These pancakes [...]

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