Sep 022017
Music for All Children

Saint James Music Academy brings social transformation to the community, one child, one song at a time.

The Tragically Hip & Canadian Stories

When I introduced my 6 year olds to the music of The Tragically Hip, it was the stories that was my focus in the telling of their story. I really wanted my children to appreciate their music but I knew that music is a personal taste.

Don't Let Fear of Criticism Hold You Back

How do you stop fear of criticism from affecting your creative output?

Jack Johnson at Deer Lake

A few weeks back my children took out a CD from the library featuring Jack Johnson’ songs from the Curious George movie. We haven’t seen the movie but we enjoy the books and have seen the cartoon shows. Jack’s voice and composition has a wonderful early 70s, chilled, folksy vibe that makes you feel like you are tripping along in the sunshine on a beautiful summer day. I’m not a music critic so I’m afraid that’s my best attempt at describing how lovely his music is.

What is the Sound of All of Us?

Connect BC is a new group page on Facebook where British Columbians can connect and share information about events and opportunities focussed on CULTURE, strengthening COMMUNITIES and CONNECTING to Nature. This group page is an extension of the local, Canadian and international information that is shared on the page on Facebook.

Music Tips By Kids' CBC Star Will Stroet

“There are a lot of kids’ musicians in this country, but I really feel like Will’s music stands out. As a former teacher, he really understands kids, so the music isn’t condescending but rather respectful, empowering, educational and celebratory.” (Kim Wilson, Head of children’s programming, Kids’ CBC)

A Play Date For Adults

Pamela Chan, Recently I took up an open invitation to attend the opening night performance of The Diaries of Adam and Eve, which is based on the novel by Mark Twain.*  The evening got me thinking about whether most Vancouverites like to go out for an evening of repertory theatre.  As a test, I [...]

Illuminares Lantern Festival: 25th Anniversary

Imagine a world where magical experiences collect and replenish. (Public Dreams Society) Pamela Chan, In the 1990s, before widespread Internet usage kicked in, it took some effort to keep up-to-date on what was happening around Vancouver.  If you liked to attend cultural events and festivals, you would probably pick up a copy of the [...]

Written Communication: A Humane Art

Pamela Chan, A few years ago a Vancouver-based professor shared a story about his experience sending an E-mail to a local city councilor. He received a “cut and paste” reply to an E-mail that was grounded in a substantial amount of research and effort. The reply he received by E-mail was unrelated to the [...]

We Are More To Do With Beauty

but our lives will only ever always continue to be a balancing act that has less to do with pain and more to do with beauty. (Excerpt, To This Day, Shane Koyczan) If you use social media regularly, you’ve probably seen an animation of a poem presented by Shane Koyczan at TED2013.  Shane is a [...]

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