Building Websites in the 90s

In those moments when I’m asked to give a brief introduction, I usually explain that I’ve been publishing content online since 2004. In reality I got my start experimenting with website design in the 90s in the days before Wordpress plugins and website-designers-for-hire in foreign countries.

What is the Sound of All of Us?

Connect BC is a new group page on Facebook where British Columbians can connect and share information about events and opportunities focussed on CULTURE, strengthening COMMUNITIES and CONNECTING to Nature. This group page is an extension of the local, Canadian and international information that is shared on the page on Facebook.

Sweet Dreams Mommy

In his short film about a day in the lives of mothers, film maker Matt Bieler captures similar moments. In one scene a child compares a mother to angels. The film is a sweet reminder of the care and consideration provided by mothers and mothering women such as devoted aunties or aunts by adoption.

Defending the Amateur Photographer

Have you ever taken a photo of your children in a non-private setting and had someone say “no photographs” in response? Did you think that the setting was not particularly proprietary in nature? Was your photograph focussed on your children?

Are Your Ads Relevant to BC?

It might appear to be a small issue but it is a regular topic of conversation. In our multi-ethnic family we notice the representation of ethnic diversity on TV, in print ads and online. Does an advertisement feature people of European ethnic heritage exclusively? Does the image on a web page speak to the Pacific Rim heritage of many British Columbians? In our house we even give bonus points if the mixed ethnicity couple shown features a woman of European ethnic heritage with a man who is not.

Checking Out the PNE With PreSchoolers

Pamela Chan, The second free entry to the PNE this summer encouraged us to brave the crowds and head down to Hastings Street with our preschooler twins.  They had never been so this was an adventure for them. Lego! After we went through the entry gate we came upon a small Lego hut with [...]

From BC to Buckleberry and Beyond

Pamela Chan, Your Royal Highnesses, Here in British Columbia we followed the happy news that you welcomed your son into your family and that everything is going well.  Congratulations! Your experience resonates with me as our twins were born four years ago and one day before yours. My husband and I also got married [...]

Are You Embarrassing?

Pamela Chan, Have you ever been told that your contribution in a professional or formal setting was embarrassing? “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. George Orwell It’s a blurry memory that has been stuffed deep into the recesses of my [...]

Every Child is a Unique Flower (Part 2/2)

Pamela Chan, See Part 1: Every Child is a Different Type of Flower When our twins were 18 months old, we moved from Yaletown in Vancouver to Coquitlam in the Tri-Cities area. Compared to Vancouver, in these more affordable outlying cities there are large numbers of young families who have children with special needs.  [...]

Every Child is a Different Kind of Flower (Part 1/2)

Pamela Chan, It seems hard to believe that my twins -  turning four later in the summer – were so small and fragile in late 2009.  The first year goes by so quickly and before you know it babies are toddlers dashing about and growing taller by the day.  During that stifling summer we [...]

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