Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine

To make engineering cool, accessible and relevant to girls will literally change the world. Engineers are responsible for building the products and spaces that we use every day; yet, only 13% of engineers are women. We live in a world designed and built by men.

Bookmark book'mark The Library Store

The next time you are rushing through the main entrance of the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch, turn right and head straight into the book’mark store.  You won’t regret making this detour.  book’mark The Library Store has been set up by the Friends of the Vancouver Public Library to raise funds for library acquisitions in [...]

Marketplace: Under the Chinaberry Tree

Have you signed up for your copy of the Under the Chinaberry Tree catalogue?  The catalogue has been around for thirty years – since the days when online shopping was not available.  You must remember those days when it was exciting to receive a catalogue in your mailbox.  The catalogue presents more than 500 fully [...]

Harumika Dolls

Oh me, oh me oh my.  We know what you’re thinking. “Why didn’t they have Harumika dolls when I was a child?” Don’t despair. If you buy a set for your little one, you can always play along. These Japanese dolls for girls over the age of six resemble fashion mannequins.  With assistance we suspect [...]

Do you remember?

Do you remember having one of these small, über bouncy rubber balls as a child? Do you remember your strong desire to own one? Do you remember how you marveled at the colours? Do you remember taking care so that your ball didn’t bounce away? Do you remember how your ball would bounce around with [...]

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