How do you Protect Yourself from Ageism?

Ageism is everywhere, it seems. You can get dinged for being too old for everything from who you should date to whether you can handle a job or current technical skills.

Love is the Answer

I’ve been hearing references to this research finding about children from faith backgrounds being more selfish bandied about. On closer inspection the findings don’t hold up.

Are Priority Seats on Transit Necessary?

Have you ever been on a bus or train and watched as passengers in need of priority seating remained standing? What happened next?

Has This Happened to Most of Us?

Recent shocking new stories about abuses in a reportedly toxic work environment here in Canada and video evidence of the heckling of women in public have got me thinking about my own experiences. Have I ever encountered inappropriate behaviour in the workforce or on the streets of Vancouver? Have I ever concluded that I was treated badly but felt that I couldn’t speak up?

A Horrific Argument and the Support of Others

Pamela Chan/ It is not the time when you would expect everything to hit the fan but that’s when it happened.  Just before heading off to church, my husband and I had a “blow up” over how I was collecting everything I needed by a bag in the front hall. Since my son came around [...]

The Ultimate Romance Deterrent

You know those sexy women who cause men’s eyes to turn – on TV, at the office or in real life? You can be quite certain that they don’t enter a man’s imagination holding a bottle of stainless steel cleaner in their hands.

It's Still Available For Now

The copyright was pulled but it’s still available.


Unpacking Since 2008

Many articles have been written, tweets shared and posts posted in the days since Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” idea has become a much discussed term. Since then there has been a new kerfuffle as women discuss Paltrow’s comparison of actors on set versus women in the office who are also mums.

Only Mid GenXers Know For Certain

Mid Gen Xers – people born in the late 60s and early 70s – are a quiet bunch. They don’t talk about their childhood much. Every stage of their personal evolution isn’t followed closely by journalists and bloggers. They remain the perennial latch key kids. Their pop culture history – their fashion history – is mostly buried in private photo albums in the darkest corners of their parents’ homes. It’s fun to see that era shown on the screen but is the depiction accurate?

Should We Ban Weddings and Baby Showers?

Pamela Chan/ If you’re looking to get married in British Columbia, there is a wide range of options for wedding locations and vendors.  Depending on what your budget is, you could go for a natural and simple affair or really splash out. The same can be said when you start a family.  You can find [...]

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