Illuminares Lantern Festival: 25th Anniversary

Imagine a world where magical experiences collect and replenish. (Public Dreams Society) Pamela Chan, In the 1990s, before widespread Internet usage kicked in, it took some effort to keep up-to-date on what was happening around Vancouver.  If you liked to attend cultural events and festivals, you would probably pick up a copy of the [...]

Epic Sustainable Living Festival 2013

If the idea of spending a day in a gorgeous botanical garden: exchanging ideas with others about sustainable living; walking a maze; playing bocce and garden games; sipping drinks and checking out food trucks; listening to music; attending gardening workshops; and, exploring sustainable living products and services sounds perfect, you will definitely want to check [...]

Transform Your Life & Live Out Your Dreams

By Maria Kritikos The inspiration and vision for Lunch With Maria started at the grass roots level and is an idea driven purely from the heart. How could I assemble a group of women together and show them how truly remarkable they were?  I wanted to create a network of powerful, like-minded women who could [...]

Giveaway: BC Home & Garden Show Tickets

As the weather switches back and forth from sunny to rainy, you might be casting your mind ahead to spring and plans to develop your balcony or yard and redecorate your home.  From February 20 – 24, 2013, you can catch up on the latest trends in home and garden design at the BC Home [...]

Building Amanda's Army: A call for change

“Amanda Todd…your story has inspired many people to make changes. Changes within themselves and in their communities. With this song, “Wonder Woman” we really tried to comprehend what you were going through. Kids today don’t have the luxury of going home and escaping the bullies. Bullies are everywhere. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube…chat rooms.” [...]

Krause Berry Farm

During the last few days of summer and in early autumn, you can still find visitors to Krause Berry Farm carting about containers plump full of berries.  (Blueberries are less abundant, though, and blackberries are also available.) If you’re looking for a pleasant destination at the end of a ride through neighbourhoods with small acreages, [...]

Ole Tyme Country Fair

By Pamela Chan, On a hot, humid summer day, the neighbours of Riverview Heights, Aylmer gathered for a neighbourhood picnic and family fun day in the local park.  It was a simple affair that involved music, food and old fashioned games such as a potato sack race.    I was seven at the time and [...]

Fascinating Fascinators and Summer Hats

Spring is well on its way and news of wedding invitations and royal visits to Canada is in the air.  If these events aren’t on your agenda, you might be surprised to learn that there are a number of occasions when you could still wear a hat or even a fascinator.  “Why a fascinator?,” you [...]

Bobs and Lolo concert

If you have noticed children watching attentively when music videos come on the Treehouse channel, you probably know about Vancouver Islanders Bobs and Lolo.  Their upbeat, engaging and educational songs are charming children around British Columbia and across the country. Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (Lolo) are joined by their band as they encourage [...]

Float Your Boat - The Drifters Project

This past weekend local Vancouver art blogger Jeff Hamada and the Vancouver Sun organized a project called Little Drifters.  Participants were invited to make small, simple boats out of driftwood and natural materials.  Dozens of attendees made boats and then floated them on Trout Lake.  This interactive online art project is brilliant for its simple concept and [...]

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