Have You Climbed the Coquitlam Crunch?

In the past few months as the weather has slowly improved, I’ve been trying to think about inspiring ways to get in shape. I like group classes at a gym but the idea of using our home gym bores me senseless. The idea came to my mind that at least once a week I should throw myself up and down a mountain side.

Spring Has Arrived in BC

Spring has come early here in British Columbia. How is your garden looking where you are?

What is the Sound of All of Us?

Connect BC is a new group page on Facebook where British Columbians can connect and share information about events and opportunities focussed on CULTURE, strengthening COMMUNITIES and CONNECTING to Nature. This group page is an extension of the local, Canadian and international information that is shared on the BCFamily.ca page on Facebook.

A Visit to Colony Farm

Any time of year and in any weather, Colony Farms is an interesting place to visit for a walk along the river or through the community gardens. Summertime is the peak period for viewing the garden plots before you head off down the trails to walk by the water, enjoy the peaceful setting and watch for wildlife. You might even want to take part in a game of “launch a stick into the river and watch it float away”.

Being Alone in the Woods

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca Waldeinsamkeit  is a German word that captures the feeling of being alone in the woods.  In the following poem Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about this German expression and shared his own impressions of solitude in nature. Waldeinsamkeit by Ralph Waldo Emerson I do not count the hours I spend In wandering by [...]

Outdoor Living: A Child in Nature

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca While observing elders in my family who immigrated from Eastern Europe in the early 20th century, I have witnessed their deep rooted love for the land.   I was not surprised when I read that Russian film makers like the late Andrei Tarkovsky have been known to take a high perspective when filming [...]

Invite a Child to Create a Natural House

If you follow information about outdoor education and the international movement to help children experience the outdoors, you will enjoy hearing a recent talk shared by  the Pecha Kucha office in Tokyo.  The subject matter fits perfectly with the ideals that have been expressed by promoters of the outdoor education movement. Englishman David Pollard spoke [...]

Happy August Long Weekend BC!

Pitt Lake, Pitt Meadows, BC Canadians will be celebrating long weekends across the country during the first weekend in August. The civic holiday themes include British Columbia Day (BC), Heritage Day (AB), Saskatchewan Day, Simcoe Day (ON), Natal Day (NS and PEI), New Brunswick Day and civic holidays in Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.  In [...]

Will They Play Again?

“What people do not understand, they do not value. What they do not value, they will not protect and what they do not protect they will lose. “– Charles Jordan * Watch Play Again online in the comfort of your own home.  The next online screening will be on March 7th, 2012. In the award [...]

Happy Earth Day 2011

There she is -  Jennifer Aniston looking gorgeous in yet another Smart Water advertisement. The problem is that her love of bottled water doesn’t sit well with her yoga loving, “I brush my teeth in the shower to save water”, healthy persona.  As another Earth Day arrives do you find yourself admitting that you have [...]

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