Should Millennials Move to Vancouver?

Should Vancouver be a top destination for Millennials?

You Can Write @JustinTrudeau

If you identify as being a middle class British Columbian, here is an opportunity for you to send some feedback to the Prime Minster about your family’s concerns.

Can You Hear That Sound?

Can you hear that sound pre-election day? Have you noticed a change since 2013?

Are You Feeling Confused Pre-Election Day?

Are you feeling confused before election day? Here are some decisions to make that will help you to make your decision.

A Reminder of Why Healthcare Funding Matters

As I watched family members moving from one location in Children’s Hospital to another, I started to feel anxious and immediately knew why.

My 6 Year Old is Worried. Are you?

You know the situation in British Columbia is dire when the youngest citizens have this worry on their minds.

Do We Have To Reach a Tipping Point?

Do we need the mainstream media to dig their teeth full throttle into a story before we will really sit up, take notice and start having discussions amongst ourselves online and at the proverbial water cooler?

Media Coverage of the Election

How are you feeling about #Elxn42 media coverage? Are all of the parties getting a fair shake?

My Vote Doesn't Count

Sometimes I muse that my vote in a Canadian federal election doesn’t really count.

How Would You Spend $150,000?

I support any activity that encourages physical activity and related health benefits. But $150,000 tax dollars spent funding a yoga event on Burrard Bridge makes me think of all the people in need who live in this province. 20.6% of BC children live in poverty and many more are not far away from this lived reality.

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